"... the soul music of The Mighty Pledge was brilliant. Thanks for a great evening!"

"... Monmouth Festival kicked off to a terrific start on Friday 30th July. The Mighty Pledge opened the event, providing their usual brand of great soul music to a street packed audience ..."

"... The evening came to a close with a hardy audience enjoying an outstanding performance by renowned soul band from Monmouth, The Mighty Pledge ..."

"... A great evening of entertainment was then provided by the extremely funny and talented, Fred Wedlock, (The Oldest Swinger in Town) with dancing to two live bands, The Ledge and the fantastic Mighty Pledge ..."

"... The Good Ship Mighty Pledge has been through several crews, and some of the old hands appeared on deck towards the end of the night's gig. But, despite a recent change of hands the band continues and continues to please ..."